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Welcome to Fast Track Couriers. We see delivering consignmnets safely and timely as the core objectives of our business. The result is the formation of an efficient, resourceful partnership. We provide international delivery service that will assist you in achieving your transportation goals. Implementing new technologies, striving to expand our services and increasing standards for efficiency, flexibility and innovation, we will continue to be the benchmark for service, speed and reliability in the industry. Backed by a sophisticated computerized track and trace system and well-trained manpower,

Our mission statement defines the strategic trust in realizing our mission to become the standard setter of the courier industry.

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Our Deliveries

• International Air Freight
• International Sea Freight
• International Courier Services
• Domestic Courier Services
• Worldwide Logistics and Shipping
• Customised Shipping Solutions
• Door to Door Service (Air Cargo)
• Specialized Services
• Bulk Deliveries

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